Thursday, 17 March 2011

started with exercise bike as a warm up
time 22:34
calories 204
Distance 10.03km
speed 16.58MPH
HR 152

I then moved to the cross trainer for running
time 74:20
calories 583
distance 10.00km
speed 8.07KPH
average heart rate 165

i then decided to warm down on the bike

time 16:04
calories 127
distance 6.31km
speed 14.64mph
heart rate 143

altogether reasonably productive day


  1. its easy, just need a good distraction, gym i go to has screen so you can watch tv, films or videos from ipod or USB stick. iv had knee problems so if i can do it anyone can :)

  2. Nice! I need to be a little more active. Any idea how much a decent exercise bike would cost?

  3. well looks like a good plan

  4. Tanks everyone :) selfishly im not sure, theres usually lots second hand, or could get a decent manual one for not a lot