Monday, 14 March 2011


I am running a half marathon on 2nd july 2011. i am doing this for many reasons.
1. I was rescued by the Lifeboats when I was younger, and have wanted to pay them back for some time.
2. My fitness levels are atrocious, and as heart disease is in the family letting my cardiovascular health get any worse would be a massive mistake. I also have knee pains which may be helped with a more active lifestyle.
3. I used to be much fitter and i miss the mental sharpness and clarity that came with being fit. As i have put weight on and lost strength i have also seemed to become more prone to procrastination.

My initial weight at the start of my training was 80kg, as i am 20 years old and reasonably tall this isn't a big deal, however i struggle to run for a long amount of time. so my cardiovascular fitness could be better.
I attend college, where i am just finishing an access course before I head off to university in september to begin a degree in BioMedical science ( i want to be a doctor one day) and to fit my training around completing assignments and attending classes i have enrolled at the colleges own gym.

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