Saturday, 19 March 2011

friday 18/3/2011

today was bit strange, did quite a bit in a short amount of time before dinner, then came back later and just cycled and tried the weights out. first session was fun, second i just felt tired and didn't enjoy it particularly.
in total for both session cross trainer 6K
cycled 21.63km
fair bit of weights but think il only do a session or two off free weights or weight machines a week, as im training for half marathon, not lifting competition.


  1. nice stuff! I would drop the weights completely if I were you.

    The longest competitive run I did was 12KM, but I was running up to 20KM to train for it. Two things I found most important was you have to go buy new shoes if you have not already. A good shoe store should have some kind of machine which measures your arch, centre of gravity and roll from hell to ball etc. They can then help you pick shoes which best match your running style. After getting a specialist pair of shoes, my shins and knees stopped aching completely, well worth the investment.

    Secondly, you should get some crappy digital watch and time your runs, graphing them and make sure you are bettering your time every run. I also started looking on google maps and plotting runs to places like the city or the beach or university and running there instead of taking the bus. If you can do that with a bag of books on your back you are well on your way to the 21KM goal ;)

    Good luck!

  2. I don't even know if i could LOOK at weights for that long. I'd start breathing heavily from the THOUGHT.

  3. can lift quite a bit, but dont really enjoy lifting or need the extra muscle. will be going to get a decent pair of trainers soon, just got to get my provisional drivers license as i am going to uni in September :)

  4. nice job. i am more of a weights guy myself. following for updates

  5. I am hoping to start working out again soon. Gonna go for endurance rather then speed myself